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Guitar Tools

Welcome to Guitar Tools!

It's a free tools to learn guitar. Here you can find all commonly used scales and modes, arpeggios, intervals. Also here is a circle of fifth.

A musical scale is simply a way of ordering the twelve sounds. The study of scales should start with the major scales and minor scales or the blues and pentatonic scales. It is important to remember that on the guitar, if you know the pattern of a particular scale, you can move that pattern anywhere else on the fret board and be playing in a different key. Scales are the gateway to playing licks, riffs, and solos on guitar.

An arpeggio is a type of broken chord, in which the notes that compose a chord are played or sung in a rising or descending order. An arpeggio may also span more than one octave. Arpeggios are an essential building block of the guitar player’s vocabulary and give your solos that instant “jazzy” flavor.

In music, guitar intervals is the distance between two pitches or notes. These two notes may be played successively as a melodic interval (such as two adjacent pitches in a melody), or simultaneously as a harmonic interval (such as in a chord). Which means, intervals are the basis of chords as well as melodies.

The circle of fifths, also called the cycle of fourths is a diagram that gives all kind of handy information on key signatures, chords and scales in a quick and clear manner. Besides that, it’s an awesome practice tool to improve your guitar playing. The circle displays all 12 notes of the chromatic scale (those are all the notes in western music) and moves clockwise in intervals of fifths.